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  • 877-766-7253 (Comments: 18)

    same experience as everyone here - scumbag scammers. called from 3473052135 asking me to call this # back

    NoScam Suspicion
  • 254-675-6174 Clifton, Texas (Comments: 1)


  • 385-438-3274 Utah (Comments: 1)


    Rosie Bird
  • 570-731-9899 Sayre, Pennsylvania (Comments: 2)

    Hang up caller a nusance, annoying!

  • +44-7306-248217 (Comments: 1)

    I have a feeling this is a scam - tried to deliver parcel, Royal Mail so the number should be regist...

    Melua, Katie
  • 254-354-6809 Texas (Comments: 1)

    Spam and scammer call

  • 657-341-4112 California (Comments: 1)

    Same statement as above. Is a robo call with a robo voice inserted. I spoke with someone from this same company last July and disputed. They got upset and hung up.

  • 909-325-6573 California (Comments: 1)

    Did not leave a message.

    Berry, Halle
  • 626-685-8911 Pasadena, California (Comments: 1)

    credit repair scam

    little meme
  • 833-335-3139 (Comments: 1)

    Yrying to get me to take out a loan!!

  • +44-1603-422543 (Comments: 1)

    This number 441603422543 called me this morning.... check out more on 01603422543

    bright star
  • 407-663-0869 Florida (Comments: 1)

    no idea who is on the other end

  • 929-357-0974 New York (Comments: 1)

    Yesterday 10/26/2021 the number 9293570974 phoned me several times. I couldn't answer it. Later I ca... check out more on 9293570974

  • 559-390-0633 Earlimart, California (Comments: 2)

    This report told me nothing I wanted to know

  • 508-244-4447 Massachusetts (Comments: 2)

    nothing...nobody there

  • 844-330-7799 (Comments: 5) Unsafe caller

    This is a call from HUMANA --- of which we are members.

  • 833-938-3111 (Comments: 7)

    Not any phone calls but texts telling me I can remove myself from the Texas Roadhouse waitlist. And telling me to gather my party quickly and... check out more on 8339383111

  • 303-565-1934 Colorado (Comments: 1)

    Call to say legal action

    Lloyd, Seth
  • 571-595-3768 Virginia (Comments: 4) Unsafe caller

    BIG BROTHER may be watching you to see if you are home so they can pull stuff. The caller with caller ID AFP many times when I was out of state. My house was broken into and my computers w... check out more on 5715953768

  • 559-900-1475 Fresno, California (Comments: 1) Unsafe caller

    The sumbich wanted to know if biden Did sniff my hair . Then said go to hell..

    Flower Pot

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