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0161 524 3218 (Manchester, United Kingdom)

This number has received 3 user comments and has been searched 51 times. Last time user left a comment was 19 Sep 2023 and it was last time checked by visitors 16 hours ago 🕑. Our community rated this number 01615243218 as not safe and it might be Fraudulent.

This is a landline number associated with Manchester area and registered in United Kingdom.

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  • 01615243218
  • 016 1524 3218
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    Offering survey to check whether my loft insulation contains carcinogens. Must have been an automated voice, as it ended when I didn't say yes or no. Had similar calls from other 0161 524 numbers.Call type: Scam Suspicion

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    Loft insulation scam, very dangerous

  • posted

    Follow up on outstanding social housing repairs!!!

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