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• Last time reported: 21 Oct 2021 | 05:40 AM

Number 0417619969 reports
  • Julie martz Posted 21 Oct 2021

    Vincent e martz mcconnellsburg pa should be imprisoned for life or executed. Repent of ur sins vincent eugene martz mcconnellsburg pa . U vincent eugene martz are a big sinner u killed ur niece Nikki martz mcconnellsburg pennsylvania. Had sex with Julie martz and children. And u caused pastor Stacey martz mcconnellsburg pennsylvania and Julie martz marriage issues. Needs put in jail. can give you alot of information on this vincent e martz of mercersburg pa ! Women run in fear,real man meets a woman by his looks. Vincent martz could only get a girlfriend out of a newspaper. We hate vincent eugene martz mercersburg pennsylvania the Igor. Ur a murderer. U killed Nikki martz mcconnellsburg pennsylvania ur niece. acting out at Walmart Chambersburg pa and giant food store assaulted your sister, and sister in law, called Fulton county pa child services on your sister and brothers children. Your the one who hates your family grow up you say your a christian and you act like this your nothing but a fool read your bible and go to a real church and get your demons out Vincent egor martz is posses with demons and is Satan Also Vincent e martz called Fulton county pa child services on his sisters children and brothers and families Vincent caused the martzs bad situations with the county child services martz defence The scenes egor created was at chambersburg pa Walmart cussing yelling harassment of family members foaming making threats we the martzs did file assault and harassment charges on Vincent we had fear of what he will do to the family with his demon posses state Vincent martz is at fault for the death of his niece Nikki. Your brother is a master free mason in mcconnellsburg pa.And he is a pastor in the mcconnellsburg pa area!Your brother has powerful friends in Washington dc and the mcconnellsburg pa area and he can and will liquidate (get rid of) you Vincent e martz. You caused your brother and his wife marriage situations. And your brothers wife cheated on him which is your fault.The things you did to your brother and his wife are not right.The mcconnellsburg pa state police have been contacted on you. Vincent e martz the igor. Vincent e martz of mcconnellsburg pa the egor!"He needs put in jail He is at fault for his niece's nikki martz death! We hate vincent eugene martz mercersburg pennsylvania the Igor! wait until you all face the lord what a treat that will be for what you did to martz families! I will say what I think about Vincent martz why do you think you are part of the martz family after all these years . Igor,egor. your brothers wife cheated on him which is your fault. Vincent e martz the igor. Ur brother pastor Stacey Martz knobsville Pennsylvania is a master free mason in mcconnellsburg pa masonic lodge number 774. We hate Vincent e martz the igor. Jan 19, 2008 — Martz family of mcconnellsburg pa, knobsville Pennsylvania, hustontown pennsylvania hate vincent eugene martz mcconnellsburg pa**Igor vincent e martz mcconnellsburg pa is the traditional stock character or cliché hunch-backed assistant or butler to many types of villain, such as Count Dracula or a mad scientist, familiar from many horror movies and horror movie parodies, the Universal Studios Frankenstein series and the film Van Helsing in particular.Woman run from the looks of vincent e martz of mercersburg pa the igor, igor, igor, Yours brothers a*s looks like your brothers face because you was adopted and your face has chocolate on it.our semi trucker friend will bash you with julies panties - Martz mcconnellsburg pennsylvania  Pennsylvania . Justice! That's what I julie martz want! That's what I'm going to get from you vincent Eugene martz of mcconnellsburg pa I am only in this situation because you committed a crime against me sexual assault. Things only got to this point because you concealed that sex crime for me. You vincent Eugene martz mercersburg pennsylvania caused ur family back in ur young years to live in their cars. The family problems are your fault vincent martz the igor, igor, egor.


  • Sunshine Housing Board of Directors Posted 17 Oct 2021

    Harrassing phone call regarding the FAKE booster shot, which has NOT been approved by FDA. I didn't give you my number and it is unlawful for you to call and harrass people. My body - My choice! David Foulds (604) 951 - 9305 Sunshine Housing Board of Directors


  • Flo-Rida Posted 13 Oct 2021

    Scam caller,Trying to steal personal information from me


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