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Received unwanted call from 407-854-7180 ?

Orlando, Florida Operator: Bellsouth Telecomm Inc DBA Southern Bell Tel & Tel

This number has 22 reports and it was searched 568 times.

If you think this number 4078547180 is a unrecognized caller or simply interrupts you, leave comment to others!

Last time reported: 20 May 2022 | 02:28 PM

Other phone numbers with area code: 407 Florida

It appears that this 407-854-7180 number is NOT SAFE Possible Spam / Suspicious activity.
  • Number formats
  • 4078547180
  • +1 (407) 854-7180
  • 407-854-7180
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Number 4078547180 reports
  • • Posted 19 Aug 2020

    Keeps calling everyday. Sometimes more than once a day! Never a meaage. On a registered NO call list. How does this happen?


  • felix • Posted 03 Jun 2019

    you scammers ***...I will report and make you pay for harassing me ….


    • Call type: Scam Suspicion
  • Enoch • Posted 20 May 2022

    I blocked this number when they called 5 times ago, yet they still keep calling. Google search says they're some kind of donation support, but they never leave a message.


  • Scruffles • Posted 12 May 2022

    They call multiple times a day. Evert day.


  • Blood, Rebecca • Posted 10 Sep 2021

    if this is safe why do they keep calling even after you tell them you have no donation two + times a day every day sound like a scam yo me


  • Augustina • Posted 22 May 2020

    Did not answer but they called 4 times today


  • Heather • Posted 11 Mar 2020

    Yes they call all the time! I never answer Merchandise Pic....very annoying.


  • Araya, Tom • Posted 11 Oct 2019

    Calls several times a day. Tried to block but continues to come in. Unknown


  • Elsie • Posted 09 Aug 2019

    Nuissance caller.


  • Meliz or Meli 3333 • Posted 22 May 2019

    Calls several times a week and hangs up when the answering system starts


  • Jayden • Posted 15 Apr 2019

    Rang once and hung up. No message left.


  • Devine Melon • Posted 13 Apr 2016

    One time long ago Red Cross was good but the evil $ took over


  • Chickabiddy • Posted 13 Apr 2016

    "Calls every day and caller ID shows up as Red Cross, but they are not"


  • Stacey • Posted 07 Apr 2016

    They are scammers so no that doesn't work


  • nadine • Posted 14 Jan 2016

    calls all times of the night. Scam Charity


  • Joss • Posted 10 Sep 2015

    This is the typical fundraiser telemarketing tactics many shady charities use to generate funds. Can't believe Red Cross signed up with these people. They give almost nothing back to the charity. Like all the other companies like this they more than likely give 1% to the charity and keep the rest. The local leadership of the Red Cross needs to answer to the public. They are allowing bottom feeder s***take advantage of Florida residents. Other sites state the Red Cross gets $2,000 for a tractor trailer of clothing? That is a flat out scam job. I'm completely disgusted with the Red Cross!


  • Joplin, Janis • Posted 01 Sep 2015

    I read on another site that this is a scam. I was told they were wanting donations for the Red Cross. Apparently, they pretend to be a charity, pick up your donations and then auction the merchandise off. Don't know this for sure but I'm taking the stuff I gathered up to give them to my church thrift shop.


  • Mollie • Posted 07 May 2015

    Repeated, unwelcomed, unsolicited calls, no message left, all times of the day.


  • Sushma • Posted 07 May 2015

    I receive on average 9 calls a week from this number, I've asked them to stop calling my phone as we are on the do not call list and they call anywhere from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm. Today I blocked their number using my phone service block caller list.


  • Wuff • Posted 05 May 2015

    Called at 8:12AM. Doesn't matter...their number has been blocked for months!


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