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Received unwanted call from 800-798-5534 ?


This number has 16 reports and it was searched 933 times.

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Last time reported: 11 May 2022 | 12:28 PM

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RobocallerIt appears that number 800-798-5534 is a Robocall
  • Number formats
  • 8007985534
  • +1 (800) 798-5534
  • 800-798-5534
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Number 8007985534 reports
  • 75.1x9.xx.x5 • Posted 27 Aug 2019

    CBE Group claiming to be a collections agency for the IRS. I verified that indeed there is a company hired by the IRS to do exactly that. However, the phone number listed for them is different from the one that called me. They knew my name, and my phone number (Obviously). When I pressed them for verification information for what city and state I was in, they could not tell me. This number does not match that of the CBE Group that is advertised by the IRS. They do not provide any information to verify who they are. They cannot confirm any information outside of your name and phone number (Which any of us can get over the open web). Plus, they have not called back when I told them "Okay, you're a scam, but you have a nice day"


  • • Posted 08 Aug 2019

    Call asking for my nickname at 7pm regarding IRS. I dont think so. I hung up.


  • • Posted 15 Aug 2018

    Complaint Filed With The FTC : XfinityPhone#'s Can Xfinity Influence COLLECTION AGENCIES To BADGER Our Home Phone ? Dear Sir, I've got a question from the 'Unwashed Deplorables' ----- Like Myself ! How many times a week do you get home phone calls from the likes of CBE GROUP Diversified Consultants Sallie Mae/Navient MIDLAND CREDIT et al. ? And are you a customer of Xfinity (Comcast) ? Just curious --- It would be interesting to see how many folks, who have considered hiring Comcast (Xfinity) as their new phone carrier, receive a bulk load of these pest-calls ? My guess is Xfinity must be reissuing the phone numbers of their former deadbeat customers ! These 'formers' are probably in collection status yet new phone customers are issued those same numbers by Xfinity and then they become the 'red meat' badgered by the myriad of collection agencies ! First, is this a possible scenario, FTC ? If this is the case, what are you going to do for us ? SOMETHING ? ANYTHING ? Are We To Suffer While Xfinity Rakes In The $$$ ? Does The FTC Care About Us ? Yours Truly, Does The FCC Care About Us ? Your Truly,


  • • Posted 07 Aug 2018

    They have called my phone according to the auto-block 271 times. Prior to the auto-block they called and left no message and if I answered they hung up.


  • • Posted 20 Jun 2018

    Called saying they are a collection company for the IRS. Told them the IRS is their own collection company and to quit calling. They still call everyday about 3 times a day. Very annoying.


  • TJ • Posted 26 Dec 2017

    CBE Group is name displayed; this number robo-dials my landline 3 times a day for past 2 months - morning noon and evening 7 days a week! I picked up on 2 occasions but nobody says anything. Very strange. I've read on the web people saying its a debt collection agency or something similar but like i said, nobody ever speaks whenever i've answered..........but they just keep calling and calling and calling. I've had wrong-person debt collectors calls over the years, asking for whoever. I explain they have the wrong number and thats usually the end of it, but these spammers don't say anything when I ask who is on the line? Can't tell 'em to STOP Calling my number if no one's there? Very strange indeed. I ended up filing complaint online with the FTC thru registry



  • • Posted 05 Dec 2017

    Stop calling



  • • Posted 11 Oct 2017

    No message left.


  • Sheryl • Posted 11 May 2022

    calls and leaves no message, but calls over and over


  • Christabel • Posted 15 Aug 2018

    Complaint Filed With The FTC : XfinityPhone#'s Can Xfinity Influence COLLECTION AGENCIES To BADGER Our Home Phone ? Dear Sir, I've got a question from the 'Unwashed Deplorables' ----- Like Myself ! How many times a week do you get...


  • Smush • Posted 18 Jul 2018

    Says there CBC and contracted with the IRS.


  • Alba, Jessica • Posted 25 Jun 2018

    A debt collector for IRS


  • Gabriel • Posted 19 Dec 2017

    Fake debt collector



  • Nola • Posted 11 Dec 2017

    Debt collection for non-existent debt.


  • Rexroth, Kenneth • Posted 18 Jun 2017

    Just got a call from 800-798-5534 and let it go to voicemail. The call was to help with credit card debt. I believe it's a scam. BTW, i truly found this site facinating.



  • Club Nola • Posted 05 Jul 2016

    The DNC is useless.  I've reported dozens of these numbers.


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