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Received unwanted call from 817-655-4617 ?

Fort Worth, Texas Operator: Southwestern Bell

This number has 8 reports and it was searched 358 times.

If you think this number 8176554617 is a unrecognized caller or simply interrupts you, leave comment to others!

Last time reported: 06 May 2022 | 07:28 PM

Other phone numbers with area code: 817 Texas

It appears that this 817-655-4617 number is NOT SAFE Possible Spam / Suspicious activity.
  • Number formats
  • 8176554617
  • +1 (817) 655-4617
  • 817-655-4617
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Number 8176554617 reports
  • Spike • Posted 06 May 2022

    This number kept calling me until I answered. He said his name was John something something and asked if I wanted to hear a joke. I kept saying no, I am at work, I think he has the wrong number. He kept repeating it and finally I told him to talk to my husband.


    • Call type: Unwanted Call
  • I spoke to him. • Posted 21 Apr 2022

    This is a young autistic man from texas who is calling asking inappropriate things and telling jokes. He finds numbers online. He told me that his mom told him not to do it any more and that he is doing in it secret. Tell him this is not okay, and that you will call the cops/his mom if he continues. She is threatening to take his phone away & probably needs to. Please try to be extremely firm but take it fairly easy on him because he is very clearly very mentally handicapped and people like that can not control their thoughts. He knows what he is doing is wrong & he needs you to reassure that.


    • Call type: Unwanted Call
  • JEN • Posted 07 Mar 2022

    Kept calling until I answered and asked if I wanted to hear a joke over and over again. He asked if he could call back at a better time. I hung up.


    • Call type: Scam Suspicion
  • • Posted 26 Feb 2022

    i’ve had the same experience as other callers. inappropriate and awful phone calls.



  • 130.x5.x.xx1 • Posted 17 Nov 2021

    Over 30 calls in 15 minutes came up under Jacob. I blocked but vmails are still getting through. I had my husband call it stopped for less than 24 hours



  • tiger toes • Posted 28 Sep 2021

    Asked if I could hear him then if I wanted to hear a joke. After 7 calls in a row I blocked him.



  • Indigo Red • Posted 29 Aug 2021

    Called three times in a row! I have silence unknown callers on so I didn’t answer but obviously a scammer. They left no message at all.



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