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Who called from this 2027920003 number?

City: Unknown State: Washington, DC Country: United States Operator: Atlantech Online

This number has 22 reports and it was searched 2521 times.
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Last time reported: 11 Mar 2017
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  • Number formats
  • 2027920003
  • +1 (202) 792-0003
  • +1-202-792-0003
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Number 2027920003 reports
  • • Posted 11 Mar 2017

    The caller didn't know the name of the organization and when I insisted on talking to her supervisor, the supervisor did not know the registration number of the PAC. Just stealing money from the public using our beloved President Obama's recorded voice!


  • • Posted 10 Feb 2017

    It is almost certainly a spam call. I did talk to one of their telemarketers, who claimed he just worked for the telemarketing company hired by Progressive Priorities PAC. I so want to identify the scammers and assist in their apprehension and prosecution. They are targeting progressive voters, exploiting progressive reaction to the Trump administration.


  • • Posted 08 Feb 2017

    I did not see the number they called from, but in calling them back to try to block payment or demand a refund, both numbers given were "out of service." Yes, I was dumb. They caught my heart by putting a recording of President Obama's voice on, then followed up with a request for $100 to $200. Being rock bottom poor, on disability benefits, I finally got her to accept $10. BUT THEY HAVE MY CARD NUMBER! Despite my demanding one, they did not send me a receipt. When I googled them I saw what I had left myself open to. God, I am angry! There are indications that they are actually part of a PAC for Trump. OH NO!


  • • Posted 30 Jan 2017

    Robovoice of president Obama This is a scam do not give money to these people This organization is not progressive it keeps all the money


  • Kansas • Posted 13 Jul 2016

    It is a scam robo-call. If you call the 202 number you get that recorded message "no longer in service". Someone has taken a tv campaign appearance of Hillary and recorded her voice. Then another recorded female voice comes on dropping names like Hillary and Bernie and with scare tactics about Trump and asks you to press one to help Hillary. Now you get a "real" person who asks you to donate $500 to $1000. They are hoping you will donate less. I asked the first time they called and they said they were Progressive Priorities PAC and gave me a fake phone number. The third time they called I told the supervisor she was being scammed if she thinks she is working for a PAC. She insisted she was working for Hillary. If you donated, please call your credit card company to remove charges and report and call your county or state attorney general. Please report to your local television station and newspaper. I am not sure if they are stealing your money or trying to dirty-trick you to not vote by making you angry. Probably both. It is fraudulent.


  • 73.1x3.xx.xx4 • Posted 08 Jul 2016

    If in fact this is Progressive Priorities, then here are contacts to call with complaints: Director: Alexa Roth (512) 426-2367 Treasurer: Henok Tedla (301) 646-8097


  • • Posted 07 Jul 2016

    I don't answer these calls from Washington, DC. They are not political calls. I suggest that the Democratic Party and/or the campaign personnel of Hillary Clinton make some kind of announcement that they are not robo calling people two, three and four times daily. Something has to be done about the harassment of such telephone calls. The Attorney General is not able to find out who is behind these calls, but if the telephone companies would put their creative heads together, I'd bet that they could stop it. Of course, if they are enjoying the $$$ of people opening phone numbers and do not care about the people they are harassing, then maybe the FCC could regulate them. It's probably the Republicans trying to manipulate public opinion by making the calls and letting people think it's the Democrats. The people being harassed and manipulated are American Citizens but that means nothing to big politics. It's all about manipulation and lies. If the American People do not stand up and DEMAND election reform, the elections will be won by whoever plays the public the best with the most money. We lose, and big business such as oil, pharma and banking get the person they feel they can buy and manipulate in the White House. We lost the only hope of having fair and informed elections when we allowed our elected officials to be bought and paid for by PACS. Don't worry America, the calls will stop - you won't be able to afford a phone soon.


  • Phyllis • Posted 07 Jul 2016

    I do not care who called me from this # but it is very aggravating since it comes at dinner time---if it is from the democratic party--I would suggest they stop doing it at dinner---try sending me mail if you want donation. It does not mean I will donate but at least it does not get me annoyed at the political operation. Telephone calls only annoy people!!!!!


  • • Posted 01 Jul 2016

    Calls several times a day, never leaves a message & no one answers when you do pick up?


  • CF • Posted 28 Jun 2016

    Not from Hillary's Campaign! It is from a PAC called Progressive Priorities pretending to be authorized by the Hillary campaign to collect money. I would call it a scam. I only found out who it was from by pressing 1 and quizzing the person who answered. she said at first it was for Hillary's campaign, but it is NOT. This is the second set of calls I have got from this group - they are using a different number - the other was 202 738 5615


  • Fred • Posted 28 Jun 2016

    I have received numerous calls (like everyday) from various 202-792-***x -Hillary speak!!! How I stop this? She's losing any chance at my vote.


  • • Posted 28 Jun 2016

    Caller ID said only Washington, DC. Did not answer. Left no message.


  • 96.2x0.xx.xx0 • Posted 28 Jun 2016

    block this number


  • Broden • Posted 11 Jul 2016

    HRC robo-call


  • Sulla, Lucius Cornelius • Posted 07 Jul 2016

    Evidently from nasty, bullish, ugly one there, several times a week. Daily? Not gonna vote for her!


  • Brycen • Posted 05 Jul 2016

    They call every day two to three times. When answer no reply after few second dial tone and hangup.


  • Gunner • Posted 29 Jun 2016

    Calls several times everyday at all hours. Blocked and continues to try.


  • Elliot • Posted 28 Jun 2016

    Did not answer. No message left. Got called several times from this number. Political fundraising?


  • Hetty • Posted 28 Jun 2016

    They keep calling me every day.


  • Liv • Posted 27 Jun 2016

    Did not answer. Blocked the number


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