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Who called from this 2295186462 number?

City: Albany State: Georgia Country: United States Operator: Level 3 Communications

This number has 45 reports and it was searched 2454 times.
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Last time reported: 25 May 2023
Other phone numbers with area code: 229 Georgia

! It appears that this number +1-229-518-6462 is not safe! Possible spam / Suspicious activity.

  • Number formats
  • 2295186462
  • +1 (229) 518-6462
  • +1-229-518-6462
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Number 2295186462 reports
  • Martin, John • Posted 25 Oct 2017

    Calls about every 2 hours everyday


  • Kare-Bear • Posted 13 Apr 2017

    Call and said I owed back tax and I defrauded the Gov't. They said I needed to pay $5500 to settle the matter. They said they would throw me in jail. I laugh at them and told them they were stupid and to please throw me in jail. They hung up. IRS will only contact you by registered letter.


  • Sulla, Lucius Cornelius • Posted 16 Feb 2017

    Spam from Albany, Ga


  • Reilly • Posted 09 Nov 2016

    Unmasked by trap


  • Jill • Posted 03 Jul 2016

    229 is a Trap call number that says they could not find the number. Meaning it is done through internet without a phone number and they are unable to mask the number. - just talked to Trap Call Tech Support.


  • Miller • Posted 03 Jul 2016

    No Caller ID - Trap Call unmasked this number.


  • Ady • Posted 29 May 2016

    I missed a call from this number.


  • Browne, Sir Thomas • Posted 10 May 2016



  • Elina • Posted 23 Apr 2016

    El primer día llamo 42 veces después a llamado en diferentes días y horas hasta 10 veces por día. TrapCall me dio el número (229) 518-6462 Albany, GA necesito que esto pare no sé qué hacer alguien sabe cómo dejar de recibir esta llamada.


  • Hitch Frenzy • Posted 04 Apr 2016

    This number has called me, while having there number restricted, 20+ times a day for multiple days now. I paid for a service that unblocks restricted numbers that call you and that's how I found out who was calling me from the restricted number upwards of 20+ times a day.


  • Maddie • Posted 17 Mar 2016

    "Harassing me everyday all day!!!"


  • Quiana • Posted 17 Mar 2016

    "Harassing me everyday all day!!!😤😤😤"


  • Quoi? • Posted 16 Mar 2016

    Called left message they were going to my place of employment and I would need my HR to witness my signature.


  • BUBBLES • Posted 15 Mar 2016

    I got a call from this number 229 518 6462 i think it is from a prank call user account. I think its a default main number for a prank caller company. I did not answer the phone when they called i have trap call on my phone and then it revealed the number above.


  • Kylan • Posted 11 Mar 2016

    came in as unknown used TrapCall unmasked this number shows up


  • Newton • Posted 04 Mar 2016

    calls my cell every two hours and never leaves any voicemail. shows as unknown but unmasked by trapcall as 228-518-6462..


  • Emet • Posted 30 Nov 2015

    Trapcall unmasked the number. When I picked up it was a robot all for carpet and upholstery cleaning services. I've had Trapcall for two years and I rarely get blocked/unknown calls. I think in that time span they've unmasked five calls total.


  • Jace • Posted 05 Nov 2015

    My number is being sold or passed on from one scam to the next. Sure I have my Trap Call and I "unmask" and then "blacklist" calls, but then they just come through from another number. Anyone else with Trap Call having this problem? Right around the time when i need to renew.


  • Smith, Sydney • Posted 15 Oct 2015

    ~OFFICIAL ANSWER HERE~ Read it slowly. This is NOT the caller's phone number!!! This number is Trapcall (which is a legitimate unmasking service). Its their tag number for unlisted VOIP Skype callers. Albany GA is where Trapcall is located. Most people would never even see the original VOIP callers' number. To discourage these type callers (using a PC/google/Skype/etc etc etc) to hide their number go to trapcall c0m. If you are a member BLACKLIST this number in your recent history. Please understand that doing so will block ALL these pc originated calls. When you see the "unknown" simply hang up. It will automatically be sent to trapcall (If you are a trapcall subscriber) & trapcall will sent the unknown pc caller a disconnect message. Trapcall is SO incredibly worth the yearly price. Ive used it for years,It unmasks these idiots & blocks them for you. Done (BOOM! says the Russian Hacker!)


  • Odin • Posted 13 Oct 2015

    Person threatened me physically with violence and wanted to hurt my family and I believe you wanted to date because you thought I was ***sexual


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