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Who called from this 2295186462 number?

City: Albany State: Georgia Country: United States Operator: Level 3 Communications

This number has 45 reports and it was searched 2453 times.
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Last time reported: 25 May 2023
Other phone numbers with area code: 229 Georgia

! It appears that this number +1-229-518-6462 is not safe! Possible spam / Suspicious activity.

  • Number formats
  • 2295186462
  • +1 (229) 518-6462
  • +1-229-518-6462
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Number 2295186462 reports
  • • Posted 07 Apr 2020

    Pos scammer***


  • • Posted 07 Apr 2020

    Fagget talking dirty calls 50 times a day and uses call spoofing calls from hundreds of other numbers and texts called back some goes to skype account. Pos needs to be hurt.


  • • Posted 26 Oct 2017

    We all know it's from Albany, GA. So who's behind the call that I want to know and why?


  • Verne • Posted 09 Oct 2017

    This number is a scammer number, it just started calling me last week Wednesday October 11th 2017. Unfortunately Trapcall cannot block it due to the VOIP since it's over the internet. How unfortunately this is!!


  • E • Posted 10 Feb 2017

    Constant hang up calls from this unmasked number... 229-518-6462. I too wonder if Trap Call is a scam as well just so you keep buying their service. I never answer unknown Caller ID or numbers.


  • Kim • Posted 01 Dec 2016

    I started getting calls from this number back in October and in November i signed up with trapcall so i don't think it was Trapcall because I didn't sign up until late November. I have put a block and the number is still getting through i have sent a complaint to the Attorney General and what is probably my next step is to change my cell phone number.


  • 66.2x9.xx.x4 • Posted 11 Aug 2016

    I have been getting multiple calls from "Unknown" so I paid for Trapcall. The "Unknown" caller keeps calling but when TrapCall unmasked the number it came up as 229-518-6462. So I called that number and I GOT A RECORDING FROM TRAPCALL. I think TRAPCALL is a scam! I think TRAPCALL harasses people with Unknown number calls at all times of the day or night so they buy their service.


  • 24.2x.x.x3 • Posted 01 Jul 2016

    I started getting called from this number after hanging up on a guy telemarketer.


  • 68.8xxxx.x6 • Posted 13 Jun 2016

    Keeps calling my phone not saying anything


  • 158.x40.x.x8 • Posted 06 May 2016

    Have got 'Unknown' call many time daily in April till now (2016-May-06). The Trapcall unmasked this 'Unknown' to 229-518-6462. It is very annoy; and I filed a complain to the 'National Do Not Call Registry' site today.


  • x • Posted 19 Mar 2016

    30 calls within a two hour period yesterday. This started happening after they hacked kin to my computer the day before. I was quick to change all my passwords and put a fraud alert on my credit. TrapCall revealed the number (229) 518-6462 Albany, GA. So over this already!


  • VoIP guru • Posted 20 Oct 2015

    Dude the number is just the number TrapCall shows as the revealed caller ID when anyone calls you from a blocked VoIP number and you try to unmask it. VoIP calls can be manipulated to be from anywhere in the world and show whatever name it wants. So if you see this number it just means someone is calling you from a VoIP number like Skype, magic jack or ring central.


  • 66.2x3.xx.x0 • Posted 09 Aug 2015

    Yes, you are correct. There is an App. Call highster? Or close and the person can hijack your phone for $69.00 , get your text messages and take photos of where ever your, BE AWARE. I dated this deputy sheriff john robert ziegler and he had a girlfriend the whole time, mary ellen riegel aka, several alias mary e goodman, so forth. , cheater, lier, till this day 8/925, I had to quit my job cause he continued to harass me for attention. I have proof, puctures. Convinced he did this to my phone.


  • MEL • Posted 06 Aug 2015

    This person called my ex bf and acted as if I was with my BF ( I dont have a bf) and started doing sexual acts on the phone AS IF IT WAS ME AND MY "BF" to the point he said my name and even the amount of years my ex and I were together my ex swears it was me and ive been trying everything and anything to prove I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS these forums have helped me a TON I want to knwo how this person is getting personal info he must be hacking into phones and reading text messages this is freakin CRAZY


  • pappee • Posted 25 May 2023

    This phone number is spam and blackmailing people please take an action ASAP


  • Rigby • Posted 16 Nov 2022

    Man pleasuring himself and very harassing when I don’t answer


  • Kyler • Posted 09 Oct 2020

    Called several times number is not valid


  • Kelsie • Posted 11 Mar 2020

    Calls 2 - 4 times a day by blocked call. Used Trap Call to reveal the number.


  • Monkey • Posted 06 Sep 2019

    I tell the person that my number is on the do not call registry and they hang up.


  • Asher • Posted 19 Jun 2018

    They are robots


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