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805-637-7456 (Santa Barbara, California, United States)

This number has received 82 user comments and has been searched 4078 times. Last time user left a comment was 07 Sep 2023 and it was last time checked by visitors 4 days ago 🕑. Our community rated this number 8056377456 as not safe and it might be Robocall number. Additionally number 8056377456 disregarded DNC (Do-Not-Call) list and received 1 FTC Complaint, which was mostly categorised as: Reducing your debt (credit cards

This number carrier is T-mobile Usa and was issued in city of Santa Barbara, California state, United States.

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Number 8056377456 comments
  • posted

    This number calls EVERY single day. robo callCall type: Robocall

  • VETERAN • posted

    (805)637-7456 HIGH RISK TERRORIST Confirmed Oct 2022 Reported to FTC for Fraud - ILLEGAL ROBOCALLS SCAMMER as of 18 Oct 2022 S P OO F E D CALLER ID: "Zenzida J. Quezada" Using a prior Address by manipulation of maps on the internet - NOT SAFE DON'T CALL BACK - SHE'S Rude & Only SPEAKS SPANISH #TEAM CALIFORNIACall type: Tech Support Scam

  • VETERAN • posted

    Mobile +1(805)637-7456 "HIGH RISK" CarrierT-Mobile County Santa Barbara Zipcode 93067, 93101, 93102, 93103 Location Santa Barbara, CA * Spanish Speaking Female. Plays dumb well. ---NOTE The Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence Act, or TRACED Act, increases fines on spam robocallers from $1,500 to as much as $10,000 per illegal call + text msg. Provide a Concise Report to FTC: IMPERSONATING Foreign GovtCall type: Robocall

  • Anonymous • posted

    805-637-7456 ROBOCALLER SCAM THIS NUMBER HAS BEEN reported 486 times to the FCC and FTC FOR A DIVERSIFIED RANGE OF ISSUES: Medical & prescriptions, Calls pretending to be government, businesses, or family and friends, Computer & technical support, Reducing your debt (credit cards, mortgage, student loans), Unwanted Calls, Dropped call or no message, Warranties & protection plans, Vacation & timeshares, Energy, solar, & utilities, Lotteries, prizes & sweepstakes, Charities, Home improvement & cleaning, and Work from home & other ways to make money. Reports have been made by users in 48 states. NOT SAFECall type: Scam Suspicion

  • v • posted

    Got 2 messages from this number. I played the voicemail,and heard a woman speaking Chinese. Just blocked it Call type: Scam Suspicion

  • posted

    So, never heard my phone ring, but then I get a 'urgent' message about something where the call fades out after Olivia states ignoring this could lead to legal action. Okay. Don't live in California, so why the *f would anyone be calling you from Santa Barbara?! Deleted message, blocked number... I hope Jesus deals with people like this. I may be old, but not stupid.Call type: Unwanted Call

  • Ralph • posted

    Phone never rang but this number showed left voice mail. Never listened to it, blocked number.Call type: Scam Suspicion

  • posted

    Called and was make gibberish . Search says Consumer Cellular which do not use anymore on family plan I parents and owe nothing . Currently use TM. But their id should pop up during call ,not have to pay to find out . Scam! Call type: Scam Suspicion

  • Eleanor Rigby • posted

    This number, 805-637-7456, popped up on my cell and it said it was from "Voicemail". No message left but I've accidentally dialed it and it claims it wants to set up my voicemail. Since I've had voicemail set up for years, I called my provider and they don't recognize that number and told my to ignore it. Obviously. Hey you Rooskies, why don't you either move to a civilized country & get a job, or just get rid of the maniac that runs that cesspool country of yours?Call type: Scam Suspicion

  • posted

    BEWARE! "Tim" leaves voicemails from this California #, wants me to call him at 407-863-3128 a Florida #. He said that he needs to quickly buy more homes & wants to buy mine. Hey "Tim", not interested & loose my #.Call type: Scam Suspicion

  • Laurie • posted

    Calls twice a day no message. have blocked, did not work. get off my phone!!!!!!!!!

  • posted

    Skyperit technologies is using this number to contact me in Florida because they owe $ for fraud security!

  • CRG • posted

    Have had 5 calls from this number in the last week,and different numbers too. Every time it leaves an automated message from the "Social Security" that my number has been 'suspend'(sic). Obviously a scam call. If you get anyone back,they probably will tell you to give them your number to validate who you are. Must believe there are enough idiots out there to fall for it.Call type: Phishing

  • Robert • posted

    This "Idiot" calls every day and waits for Voice-mail, but never leaves a message. My message to "it" - get out of your Mother's ba***t, and get a Job!!!Call type: Scam Suspicion

  • posted


  • Cecilia • posted

    Voicemail Today 01/21/2018 at 7ish am, not even up yet , left voicemail; just a scrambled sound.

  • pbc • posted

    8056377456. Scam robo call.

  • Anonymous • posted

    Tired of the daily calls - I don't pick up and they don't leave a message. Got a new phone and blocked the number 1-805-637-7456 today. Guess that will work until they call again using a different phone number and I will continue to block them...

  • posted

    Keep getting calls from this number. Appears to be local. They never respond, but I hear an electronic sound when I answer, like an iPhone indicating a new text. They never leave a message, either. Would love to get rid of this annoyance.

  • Merry • posted

    This #, 805-637-7456, is actually Consumer Cellular's voicemail number. The company calling you is using this voicemail number to "mask" their number. My voicemail has an option to show me the voicemail "header" (press 5 after listening to voicemail and automated options comes on) which gave me the actual phone number, which I called (very nasty people) and that is how I found out who was calling me. It's a 3rd party debt collection company named Receivables Performance Management 20816 44th Ave. W, Lynnwood, WA. 98036 PH: 425-372-5305, 425-412-2600, 866-212-7408, 888-452-9175, 888-838-5123. www.receivablesperformance.com . BLOCK all these numbers in your cell and this should stop the calls. I blocked them and haven't gotten another call since. I also placed a National DO NOT CALL complaint. Also call Consumer Cellular and let them know. 888-345-5509.

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