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Received unwanted call from 855-917-0515 ?


This number has 5 reports and it was searched 313 times.

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Last time reported: 16 Jan 2022 | 05:48 PM

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It appears that this 855-917-0515 number is NOT SAFE Possible Spam / Suspicious activity.
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  • 8559170515
  • +1 (855) 917-0515
  • 855-917-0515
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Number 8559170515 reports
  • • Posted 16 Jan 2022

    This is clearly a scam I called the number and they say that they are with solid quotes and that there is for the supposedly so they ask you for your name and your phone number and your address and then they say just went home and I'll put you in touch with one of our agents or whatever and then they put you on a fake hold and then they disconnect you when you call the number back it just doesn't even go through it just hangs up so I went on to my account and I created some burner numbers and I tried it multiple times same thing so this is obviously a scam I'd like to know how I can report this to the federal government because now they have access to my information and I don't like that really pisses me off


  • • Posted 30 Nov 2021

    They tried calling me and asking for my student loan information. I got an email informing me someone had logged in to FAFSA information. I quickly changed my password!


  • 12.2x5.xx.x2 • Posted 29 Nov 2021

    I have gotten a couple calls from this number- fortunately I missed them because I might have fallen for it. My loans were recently transferred and the voicemails called to say I needed to get in contact with them so I didn't risk my account status being changed. Thank god I googled this number since I didn't receive any communication in my actual loan account! Totally a scam!


    • Call type: Scam Suspicion
  • • Posted 26 Nov 2021

    Definitely a scam. I kept getting calls on my cell, so I called and a gentleman (actually an A-hole) with an Hispanic accent answered, and I said that someone was leaving messages on my cell about student loans, and I don't have one. He said, "I don't give a damn, why are you calling me; what do you want me to do about it?"--followed by a bunch of crazy comments I can't remember. Stupidly, I said, "I was just trying to get to the bottom of it." He then said, "Do you want me to remove your number, fruitcake?" I then, of course, hung up. When I checked the message header on my cell, it said the call originated from 740-857-4477. The young lady who left the original messages sounded very professional and legit, ha ha ha. Geez!!


  • • Posted 24 Nov 2021

    Was left a voicemail by a lady who coincidentally knew my student loans were transferring to a new servicer. Claimed to want to make sure my repayment qualification details didn't change. On calling back, was answered by a disaffected young man who told me he was not with the new servicer and was with a forgiveness program. When I said my loan amount is very low and asked if they just could email me the information, was immediately hung up on. Very likely scam.



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