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Who called from this 8663831446 number?

Toll-freeCountry: United States

This number has 7 reports and it was searched 289 times.
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Last time reported: 26 May 2023
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! It appears that this number +1-866-383-1446 is not safe! Possible spam / Suspicious activity.

  • Number formats
  • 8663831446
  • +1 (866) 383-1446
  • +1-866-383-1446
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Number 8663831446 reports
  • • Posted 26 May 2023

    Same way as everyone else. I called the number and they told me I had a dillards was suing me from 2003 over a 200$ credit card they now want 4K. Sounds super bogus!!!


  • • Posted 23 May 2023

    These frauds called today out if the blue leaving message about a legal matter. They tried to say I didn't pay on credit card I didn't even own! They stated it was from 2002. Statute of limitations is far past this date. Tried to collect payment or arrange to make payments! This is a SCAM!!


  • 75.1x6.x.xx3 • Posted 23 May 2023

    I just received a call from an unknown number and they left a voicemail saying that they were not able to serve me papers and that they were from the county I live in. They left this 866 number stating this is my attorney and to call him with the case ref# listed to get more information.


    • Call type: Scam Suspicion
  • 72.2x2.xx.x2 • Posted 23 May 2023

    I just got a call from this number they claim they tried to serve papers for a court date I didn't answer they left a number someone needs to investigate them


  • J T • Posted 23 May 2023

    Please look into these people they are scamming trying to say you have a case number you're in trouble they are lawyers to get back with them please look into this


    • Call type: Credit Scam
  • • Posted 22 May 2023

    They did the same thing to me today. Said I had almost a $5000 balance from cross country bank. Totally bogus and I let them know that. They said they would be serving me.


  • Robin H • Posted 22 May 2023

    They called showing "restricted" as the caller ID and left VM of this number and a 7 digit "case number" because "the process server could not find you". Considering I have lived in the home I own for almost 20 years, that is all a load of BS. They mumbled something about legal troubles and the case would have to be brought against me in the county court where I live. Their case numbers are much, much longer than that. And, seeing as I have Jury Duty in a month, I obviously can be easily found by the county court who has my address. They did not have "legal trouble" or "process server" so this is bogus. I no longer call the numbers as they will say they are in CA or NY and I have never lived in nor have been to either state.


    • Call type: Loan, Cash Advance Scam

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