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Suspicious Numbers

  • +448000379063

    United Kingdom (Comments: 1)

    Received msg to call this number re £103.00 spent on my card, its an old scam, you ring the number and it sounds genuine with NAT WEST answer then you hang on for ages to make you believe it really is nat west, I Googled the number and it is a s... check out more on 08000379063

    Victor •
  • +448000281112

    United Kingdom (Comments: 1)

    Just had a call ask for bank accounts

    Nguyenin •
  • +448003689913

    United Kingdom (Comments: 5) Unsafe caller

    Same as other reports/comments, fake PayPal email

    Balls •
  • +448002606922

    United Kingdom (Comments: 1)

    Believed to be a bank scam on other sites!

    Blanc, Raymond •
  • +448000988474

    United Kingdom (Comments: 1)

    Pretended to be my car insurance company and offering me 45000 in compensation for a car accident i had last year when i've not even heard from my solicitors yet

    kelster •
  • +448009753264

    United Kingdom (Comments: 1)

    This Number rang when I answered call went dead. Previous comment said it was insurance salesperson, I had been looking up insurance on laptop only form I put my number on was Post Office quote. Could it have been connected to this??

    Smith, Joseph •
  • +448000584113

    United Kingdom (Comments: 1)

    This call claimed to be my bank enquiring about an impending payment from my account and when I showed my suspicion he said I could ring him back on this number. I declined to do so.

    Albertina •
  • +448003680807

    United Kingdom (Comments: 1)

    Pretending to be O2 Indian call centre . "Hi my name is John Smith from O2"

    Feibig, Jim •
  • +448003684156

    United Kingdom (Comments: 1)

    Spam number. Please block.

    Adrianna •
  • +448001585151

    United Kingdom (Comments: 2)

    Keeps calling No message left

    Nani •
  • +448004585678

    United Kingdom (Comments: 1)

    Attached to a spam email

    Booski •
  • +448081963117

    United Kingdom (Comments: 3)

    Spam calls they just hang up all the time

    Salvador •
  • +448009755574

    United Kingdom (Comments: 1)

    Constantly calling regarding unsecured debts

    Sulla, Lucius Cornelius •
  • +448000584591

    United Kingdom (Comments: 3)

    Received Scam call

    Miyamoto Musashi •
  • +448010258995

    United Kingdom (Comments: 1)

    Its no fake

    MeeMoe •
  • +448081962094

    United Kingdom (Comments: 1)

    Who is this

    Bill •
  • +448002081274

    United Kingdom (Comments: 1)

    Allegedly from microsoft security center.

    Thunder Cats!! •
  • +448000778360

    United Kingdom (Comments: 1)

    Scam number pretending to be HSBC it’s a scam do not give them any details.

    Colten •
  • +448000472893

    United Kingdom (Comments: 1)

    exactly the same happened to us. Person called - said from Etsy and did we know our shop is on holiday mode ... its not. But when checked it was - so guess it had been semi hacked - changed passwords and reported to etsy who told us that no one from ... check out more on 08000472893

    Hitch Frenzy •
  • +448003680804

    United Kingdom (Comments: 1)

    Called from O2 mobile phone provider saying I was owed a 40% reduction in my bill (I do not use O2).

    Gunner •