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Below you can find reports starting with number: 254

Texas, United States

United State Numbers

  • 254-444-2703

    Evant, Texas (Comments: 1)

    It had a 4 in the end and it was some girl asking for fun. But it was more than anything a bot for some adult site.

    juju bean •
  • 254-535-9853

    Killeen, Texas (Comments: 1)

    I get a recorded phone call from this number at least once every 30 days.

    Quinn •
  • 254-360-9704

    Texas (Comments: 1)

    I have asked them repeatedly not to call as we are not interested.

    Oscar •
  • 254-327-2215

    Texas (Comments: 1) Unsafe caller

    CallerID said "Texas Call". Didn't answer. Left no message.

    Terry • Scam Suspicion
  • 254-863-4303

    Waco, Texas (Comments: 1)

    Called. Didn't answer. Tried to call it. "Sorry Verizon cannot complete number as dialed." Spam. If it was important such as the government or a business, they'd recall or have a dialing service.

    WhiteTiger •
  • 254-736-6113

    Jonesboro, Texas (Comments: 1)

    Unsolicited texter wants to contact me about my property.

    Sebastien •
  • 254-451-0428

    Texas (Comments: 1)

    My purpose with this filing is to add to register of complants for this paricular telemarketer.

    Canary Apple Red •
  • 254-505-0988

    Texas (Comments: 1)

    No message left, did not answer when I called back

    Clea •
  • 254-379-7040

    Waco, Texas (Comments: 1)

    Spammer texting about hail repair

    Rani •
  • 254-355-7068

    Mexia, Texas (Comments: 1)

    They have called 3 times today!

    Pocky •
  • 254-563-5131

    Temple, Texas (Comments: 1)

    I told him that I asked so many times not to call me and I told him use his number.

    Wilkes, Maurice •
  • 254-693-4201

    Strawn, Texas (Comments: 1)

    This number has called me several times in the last week.

    Thoreau, Henry David •
  • 254-282-8336

    Texas (Comments: 1)

    This has fine on for a long time.

    Herbert, Zbigniew •
  • 254-221-6605

    Hillsboro, Texas (Comments: 1)

    Same as Cardholder Services.

    Janet •
  • 254-859-3862

    Eddy, Texas (Comments: 1)

    hope you can help regulate calls coming from there

    Sebastien •
  • 254-263-6443

    Reagan, Texas (Comments: 1) Robocall

    Finally got a promise to stop calling me.

    Marley •
  • 254-424-7374

    Waco, Texas (Comments: 1)

    Aren’t you too old for this I’m sure it works out in your hair in crowd for some reason you don’t even want to be my friend and I only want not to be alone. You kept saying p()$$¥ over and over again and I kept saying drugs drugs drugs.

    Koby •
  • 254-293-7498

    Salado, Texas (Comments: 1)

    called twice after being told we are not interested

    Hadleigh •
  • 254-457-1701

    Texas (Comments: 1)

    It seems to me that this Do NOT Call List does not mean anything as I am receiving at least 4-5 calls per day from telemarketers.

    Rik •
  • 254-244-8528

    Oglesby, Texas (Comments: 1)

    Hello, this is G1 Research. We are conducting a short political survey in Texas. Share your opinions confidentially here

    Rerun •