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United State Numbers

  • +1-505-699-7300

    Santa Fe, New Mexico (Comments: 1)

    The same number I have used to contact a family member for over ten years.... person on the other end says "this phone belongs to my kid" I asked if the number was new since family member has used the number for years ..... it could be poss... check out more on 5056997300

    Vijay •
  • +1-505-420-4296

    New Mexico (Comments: 1)

    Amazon scam.. ugh. 15054204296 Deposited a new message: "This call is to authorize the payment of $1499 for the recent order of Apple Macbook Pro on your Amazon account. ... check out more on 5054204296

    Colton •
  • +1-505-273-6223

    Albuquerque, New Mexico (Comments: 1)

    This number keeps calling with no answer. It's har***ment now

    My vampire •
  • +1-505-404-9043

    Albuquerque, New Mexico (Comments: 2)

    They were renewing a subscription for $349.00 starting today

    al-Sahaf, Muhammed Saeed •
  • +1-505-436-8986

    Farmington, New Mexico (Comments: 1)

    Called & said "**** nah I can't do this." And hung up

    Emet •
  • +1-505-450-1249

    Albuquerque, New Mexico (Comments: 1)

    Texts inappropriately. Gross ***ual stuff. Yucko

    Lolli •
  • +1-505-686-1287

    New Mexico (Comments: 1)

    Current Owner as of 06-01-2023 Is Randall A. Jackson D. O. B. 04-11-1992 29 Road 6193, Kirtland NM 87417

    moochie •
  • +1-505-421-1027

    New Mexico (Comments: 1)

    This call is a scammer so be on the alert! they ask you about your property .

    MiLKy •
  • +1-505-498-3884

    New Mexico (Comments: 1) Robocall

    never heard of this place, so I don't know anyone there. Call
  • +1-505-516-3440

    Farmington, New Mexico (Comments: 1)

    This unknown number called my cell phone, but did not leave a message

    Alba, Jessica •
  • +1-505-418-1277

    New Mexico (Comments: 1)

    this number is a nuisance caller!!!!!

    Tally •
  • +1-505-437-9358

    Unknown, New Mexico (Comments: 1)

    Voicemail fragment: “Six I hope you have a blessed day thank you…”

    My Japanese Cherry Blossom •
  • +1-505-709-9359

    Los Alamos, New Mexico (Comments: 1)

    Har***ing calls from this text now number

    Nadine •
  • +1-505-359-7613

    Albuquerque, New Mexico (Comments: 1)

    Number texted me asking for me by First and Last Name and how I was doing today. I replied asking who was messaging without confirming my identity. No reply was forthcoming.

    Delson, Brad •
  • +1-505-439-9040

    New Mexico (Comments: 1)

    "Can I see you tonight?" bait

    Club Nola •
  • +1-505-372-6138

    New Mexico (Comments: 1)

    Health enrollment autodial scammer - ****fer

    Enoch •
  • +1-505-278-9294

    Farmington, New Mexico (Comments: 1)

    claimed trying to reach a family member regarding a civil action

    Riker •
  • +1-505-427-4919

    Farmington, New Mexico (Comments: 2)

    Called and then texted asking if I am home and then if I am female

    Darragh •
  • +1-505-903-7058

    Albuquerque, New Mexico (Comments: 1)

    has an ad for free item and when you ask for location to come see he wants to send a code

    Calhoun •
  • +1-505-404-3022

    Albuquerque, New Mexico (Comments: 1)

    Robodialed scam. Caller ID read "Do Not Display". Rang four times, then disconnected. No message.

    Soft lips •