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California, United States

United State Numbers

  • 925-858-6293

    San Ramon, California (Comments: 1) Unsafe caller

    I pushed to speak to live person.

    Yasmin •
  • 925-310-6408

    Lafayette, California (Comments: 2)

    Just want to know person's name that. Keeps crank callin

    Hudson •
  • 925-451-2994

    Walnut Creek, California (Comments: 1)

    I thought it was a scammer but he turned out to be legitimate and was a very nice guy !

    Rhian •
  • 925-237-7937

    California (Comments: 1)

    Please review our new offer Nathan. Confidential: We have submitted a new proposal to buy your property. It is an AllCashOffer and there are no-realtor fees involved. We can close in days instead of weeks. With home prices at an all time high, we are... check out more on 9252377937

    Hoffer, Eric •
  • 925-421-7961

    California (Comments: 1) Unsafe caller

    2 calls 8/01 7/31 2013 no one on line.

    Martin, John •
  • 925-265-7434

    Concord, California (Comments: 1)

    Wants to charge me money

    Shizzy •
  • 925-855-1621

    California (Comments: 1)

    Did not answer vm telemarketing

    Bokini, Ratu Ovini •
  • 925-812-5687

    Martinez, California (Comments: 1)

    Always trying to sell a cruise vacation.

    Black Mustard •
  • 925-812-5697

    Martinez, California (Comments: 1)

    An almost daily call, even after requesting that they stop.

    Jerome •
  • 925-517-7855

    Pittsburg, California (Comments: 1) Robocall

    Home Purchase Scam

    Elizabeth, the Queen Mother •
  • 925-306-3676

    California (Comments: 1)

    I contacted microsoft customer service and they confirmed this was a phishing call.

    Marquis •
  • 925-521-8298

    Concord, California (Comments: 1) Unsafe caller

    vehicle warranty scam robo caller

    Jillian •
  • 925-365-6217

    San Ramon, California (Comments: 1) Unsafe caller

    Caller says medication is ready and for me to pay.

    Jenner, Henry •
  • 925-230-3949

    San Ramon, California (Comments: 1)

    Fine them $$, and tell them to stop calling please.

    Kasey •
  • 925-310-9292

    Lafayette, California (Comments: 1)

    Fake message from woman I don't know and nude photo

    rayray •
  • 925-339-6292

    Livermore, California (Comments: 1) Unsafe caller

    Don't know anyone at this #, but they have called more than several times today - not leaving a message

    Tallulah •
  • 925-322-6359

    California (Comments: 1) Unsafe caller

    Wyndham vacation scam, if you dial 2 to be removed from the call list, you actually get connected to a person who then hangs up immediately when you ask them to remove you from the call list

    Chiki •
  • 925-331-0404

    California (Comments: 1)

    Just a message that says " Hi" No clue who this is. I didn't respond.

    Alanna •
  • 925-438-8500

    Orinda, California (Comments: 1)

    Person was on a dating site & profile suddenly disappeared

    Walter •
  • 925-414-2191

    California (Comments: 1)

    Caller ID gave phone # 541-257-1025.

    Jetfire •